Crown Online Offers Another Christian MOOC

Crown Online Offers Another Christian MOOC

Why Offer Another MOOC?

In the summer of 2013, Crown College offered it’s first free course with over 500 participants. We are excited to offer this free course again.

If you haven’t heard, “MOOC” is an acronym for Massive Open Online Course and it is a 100% free online, college-level course that is open to virtually anyone with internet access. Many well-known universities (MIT, Harvard, Duke and Stanford to name a few) offer some of their course content to the general public, and a few Christian colleges have started to mobilize MOOC technology for kingdom purposes.

Crown’s desire is to promote an understanding of the Bible and its implications for life by using the tools that God has given us.  Our goal is to offer this course on the New Testament available for free so that individuals, families, youth groups, small groups and churches can use this resource to promote a pursuit of God and a knowledge of his word.  We hope this course will create transformational conversations both online and in the spaces where you live and work.

“Understanding the New Testament”

Crown’s seven-week MOOC is a course titled “Understanding the New Testament”, and is designed to allow participants to master the critical concepts and history of the New Testament. The course can be completed by individuals, but group participation (bible study, church members, pastoral staff, ministry teams, etc.) is also encouraged.

MOOC Details

Title: Understanding the New Testament

Course Dates: March 3 – April 20, 2014

Cost: Free

What will the course look like? 

This is a seven week course that looks very similar to an online college course, but it is based on a learning mastery model.  To make the most of the course, you should read the New Testament, read the course textbook,  watch the video clips, engage in the weekly online discussions,  complete the small group assignments, and take four learning mastery quizzes which are designed to help you master more than 200 pieces of critical information related to the content and history of the New Testament. At the end of the course, students will have the option to complete a proficiency exam.  If students pass the exam and matriculate into a Crown Online degree program, they will receive three credit hours for our New Testament History course (a $1200 savings in tuition!).

What will I need for the course? 

While the course is free and open to all, participants will need: a computer with access to the internet, any version of the Bible, The New Testament in Antiquity by Gary Burge, et al., and a desire to expand your learning about the New Testament through online learning. To get the most out of this course, you should anticipate spending approximately 10 hours per week in reading, discussion, and collaborative learning.

To Register for the Crown Online MOOC 

Registration is free and easy! Click the button below and select “Self Enroll in this Course”.

Enroll in the Crown Online MOOC


Questions? Please reach out to us using our “contact us” form on the bottom of this page.

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  • Jean-Christophe

    I participated in this first MOOC and here are my conclusions after these 7 weeks of class.
    1. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. From day one read, read, read: the syllabus, the required and recommended readings and specifically your Bible and the Textbook… in that order but also the discussion questions. Watch the videos until you have them almost memorized. Do not hesitate to ask questions from day one.
    2. GET INVOLVED. Do not simply regard the discussion questions (but also the group assignments…) as exercises preparing for the proficiency exam (or the quizzes for that matter) but look at these questions and at the course as a unique opportunity to enlarge your vision and get a better understanding of the New Testament background. The more you’ll interact with the other students on the discussion board the better are your chances to feel a sense of completeness, even when opinions are diverse. Doubts will be leveled, questions will be answered…
    3. Am I satisfied by the program offered ? Yes. Did I spend enough time on the board and doing other tasks ? Certainly not. Dr. Lemke writes of 10H per week necessary to complete all tasks and it is most certainly a minimum if you want to take advantage of everything and have time to THINK about what you have read, watch… Would I recommend this MOOC to my friend ? Most certainly. Will I take it again if offered anew ? A resounding YES !

  • Tracy Rainer

    Hi Curt, I just got back in town from a two week vacation in the mountains with my family. I didn’t have internet, Wi-Fi access from my laptop or my mobile phone. I am already registered for this course, so how can I catch up, and needless to say my textbook has not arrived. Any suggestions. I am eager to begin so what would you recommend? Thank you

  • Jeralynn Hubbard

    Hello!! Unfortunately I missed the deadline for this course. Will it be offered again next term? I’m very interested and excited about enrolling and participating. I know some others who are interested as well.

  • Steve

    Tracy’s got a great question.

  • Lynn Fitzgerald

    Appreciate the free course, and very excited the new course site works on my phone! You guys are amazing!

  • Tracy

    I’m already registered for this new course “MOOC” but what site and where do I go to get get acquainted with the course online for orientation?

  • Rolando S

    Will we receive a certificate of accomplishment?

  • Adam Forrest (Zondervan Academic Employee)

    This course sounds really useful!

    If you’re looking for the required textbook, “The New Testament in Antiquity,” here’s a link to Zondervan’s website: (The “Buy Now” button links out to different retailers where you can purchase it.)

    Full disclosure: I’m a Zondervan employee.

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  • Tim Prusha

    Good question Shawn, we’ve been getting that one a lot lately. You will not receive credit for simply completing the MOOC (you will receive personal satisfaction!). However, we are working on adding a proficiency exam. This would allow you to apply to Crown, pay for and take the exam, and then you would receive proficiency credits for the course! We hope to have this worked out soon. I will post any developments here, as well as on our Facebook page. – Tim

  • Shawn

    Do you receive college credit for this course?