6 Benefits to Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

6 Benefits to Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

Does an online degree really give you an advantage in life and in the workplace? One report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that college grads are much more likely to find employment and are paid at a higher pay scale. Apart from those well-proven factors, there are many other advantages to earning a degree — specifically if you choose to pursue an online education. Here are the top six reasons.

Lower total costs

While most people realize that online education is cheaper, some don’t know that students can save thousands of dollars every year. From housing fees to commuting costs, online school is the better option for anyone looking to save money. Online schools also offer a variety of scholarships and grants. Some scholarships are made specifically for online students, so make sure to check with your college and search online.  

Learn at your own pace

Whether you’re in an accelerated program or taking college one class at a time, it is easy to earn your degree online at your own pace. Online school helps you save time and manage a workload that fits your lifestyle. Instead of wasting time commuting to school, you can study from the comfort of your home and save gas money. The flexible online schedule makes it easy to take classes while working, parenting, traveling, or whatever life-circumstances you have outside of school.

Practical life skills

College courses are great for learning about business, psychology, or science — but what about practical life skills? By taking online courses, you’ll learn to practice self discipline through managing your schedule at your own pace. Through the help of an online calendar, it is easy to create your own schedule while studying in your own comfortable learning environment. Not only will you learn how to manage your time, but online students are also encouraged to work together on projects and develop online connections through networking.

Learn the art of  concentration

Being able to study in your own learning environment is proven to increase your concentration. You can choose anywhere you like to study. From your favorite coffee shop to your living room sofa, it’s all up to you. You don’t have to sit in a classroom at required times. Just pull out your laptop whenever you plan on getting your homework done. Customizing your own learning environment is easy to do through online education.

Improve your tech-skills

With technology advancements, it is also super easy to communicate with your professors and classmates in online programs. Like never before, asking questions through online education is easy and convenient. Study groups are also available and easy to get involved in. With the help of Google Hangouts, Skype, Join Me, and other social media outlets, it is easy to communicate and study with fellow classmates.

You are less likely to transfer

The number one reason students end up transferring schools is due to financial circumstances. With the cost benefits of online education, students are less likely to transfer. Another major reason students transfer while in college is because of various social circumstances. Online education makes it easy to avoid any situations that could come with living on-campus or commuting. However, if you do end up transferring schools and the college you were attending is accredited, credits will transfer across a wide variety of schools quickly and efficiently.

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Written by Chyelle Dvorak

Chyelle Dvorak is the Writing Team Lead in Content Marketing at Crown College.