Announcement: Crown Online to go With Blackboard

Announcement: Crown Online to go With Blackboard

Crown Online is announcing a big change for the fall of 2013: we are upgrading our Learning Management System (LMS) platform, switching from Angel to Blackboard Learn.

OK … Why does this matter?

The LMS platform is where online learners spend most of their time and where professors keep track of grades, and therefore is integral to the educational experience.

Why Blackboard Learn?

Crown Online wanted to go with the industry-leading LMS. Blackboard Learn, or BB Learn, is a new student centered, more modern and user-friendly version that will improve the educational experience.

How different is BB Learn?

BB Learn is a more robust, user-friendly version of Angel. For example, BB Learn will allow you to view information – papers, posts, etc. – and view up-to-date interactions from classmates and profs, as well as customize some of your own home area.

When will the change take place?

As an institution, Crown College is officially switching to BB Learn on August 5th, 2013. Your past information in Angel will be archived, and a new Learn account will be created for you. Future communication will be sent out to help guide you through the transition.

So, what next?

We will be opening a practice classroom in August to give you the opportunity to look around and test out the new system. There will be further communication to you this month about how to proceed.

If you’re interested in more general information about BB Learn for students, please visit the student’s section at Note that our instance of BB Learn will not have all the features displayed there, but will be tailored specifically for Crown’s needs. If you have further questions, please contact your advisor.

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