Announcement: New Course Schedule Unveiled

Announcement: New Course Schedule Unveiled

Beginning in the fall of 2013, the majority of undergraduate Crown Online courses will last seven weeks, replacing the previous five-week timeframe. The remaining classes will run 14 weeks, allowing students to take two classes at the same time.

“The students will benefit from having the additional weeks to interact with the content” says Dr. Fawn McCracken, Associate Dean of Crown Online. “A seven or fourteen week course will not be as fast-pasted as a five-week course.  Students will have more time to complete assignments as well as more time to digest the material. They will ultimately be able to retain more information for use in their careers.”

How will this effect current students? 

This change will not affect your desired pace; you can still take the same amount of credits per term. In fact, you can take up to 15 credits per term. We have simply redistributed the load so that students will not feel overwhelmed or rushed. However, you can still arrive at your goal in the same amount of time.

Students with questions about the new format are encouraged to contact their academic advisor.

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