By the Book

By the Book

MBS Direct, Crown’s bookstore, recently offered a survey to all Crown students regarding their services.  Thank you to all those who responded, the results were positive with students finding the MBS site easy to navigate and useful because all of the books that can be purchased in one place.  As one student stated, “I received my books in a timely fashion, I received the correct books, and the website was very easy to navigate/place my order.”

While 69% of students do order their books from MBS, the primary reason the other 31% note for not ordering were that they could find them cheaper on other sites.  So for those willing to take the time to check out other websites, this is a great option for them.  For the majority of students who order some or all their books through MBS, many of them do so because of the guarantee of the correct book(s) and because it’s Crown’s official bookstore.  In addition to the books being guaranteed, the books are almost always sent on time.  Periodically some books are out of stock when purchased, but 99.62% are filled by the course start date.

MBS offers new, used, digital, and rental books.  The purchase of used books saved Crown students over $31,500 in the 2012-2013 school year.  For the small number of students who used the digital books, it saved them over $3,000.

Crown started this partnership with MBS in 2011 after determining it to be a more cost effective option than an on campus bookstore.  The last two years have seen increased usage.  In the 2012-2013 school year, 966 different students placed an order.  Crown hopes this efficient service will continue to be a benefit to so many students.

Written by Emily Cano

Emily is Crown's Director of Veterans and Director of PSEO/Dual Enrollment and she also serves in the military as a captain in the MN Army National Guard.

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