Crown Online Honors Veteran Students

Crown Online Honors Veteran Students

This month as the nation remembers and appreciates our military, Crown Online would like to also honor our student servicemembers and inform you of the service offered to our veterans.

For a small percentage of Crown’s Online population, each semester they are fortunate to receive education benefits from the Veteran’s Affairs. The VA offers a variety of benefits to servicemembers based on when they served, how long they served, and if they served on active duty. The servicemembers apply to the VA and upon receiving notice of their eligibility, they can use those benefits at Crown.

Crown Online provides a trained School Certifying Official who is qualified to work with the veterans and submit their classes to the VA for funding. Emily Cano, a captain in the MN Army National Guard, tracks the veteran population each semester. This spring Crown had 66 students enrolled who have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces. Of those, over half of them get benefits through the VA or Tuition Assistance. “This is a favorite part of my job,” Cano states, “as I love connecting with these great students and love thanking them for their sacrifices. They are smart to take advantage of this benefit and I see how it helps them as they progress through the military and/or in their civilian careers.”

For those students who are no longer eligible for these benefits (generally because it’s been too long since they left the military) or for those whose benefits do not fully cover tuition, Crown offers a military scholarship to help with the gap. Crown invests in our nation’s veterans and is proud to support them in these areas.

Visit Crown Online’s Veteran Page
Written by Emily Cano

Emily is Crown's Director of Veterans and Director of PSEO/Dual Enrollment and she also serves in the military as a captain in the MN Army National Guard.