Early College at Crown

Early College at Crown

Crown has spent the last 99 years training students for Christian leadership.  For the last 13 years Crown has offered Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) to Minnesota high school juniors and seniors at its Saint Bonifacius location.  Over 600 students have taken advantage of this free, fully-accredited program.  Now Crown Online has expanded the option of dual enrollment to students outside of Minnesota.  Courses are being offered for only $150/credit for dual enrolled students.

Students have the ability to take classes online with other high schoolers.  If approved by their high school, they can get the credits to fulfill both high school and college requirements.  Because Crown is regionally accredited, the credits will transfer to most colleges and universities in the United States.  Online course offerings are designed to meet general education requirements of most liberal arts institutions.  The 15 week classes were designed specifically for high school students and are taught online by supportive teachers who are engaged in students’ learning.  Typical weekly assignments include readings, online discussion forums, quizzes, and papers.  The classes are offered through Crown’s learning management system and require no set times to be online.

If a school or homeschool organization wants to provide a class for their students, they have the option of using Crown curriculum and teaching the class at their location.

As part of the Caritas Scholars Program and Social Entrepreneurship Lab at Alma Heights Christian Schools, Theory and Practice of Social Entrepreneurship is offered to its students.  The course is focused on equipping entrepreneurial leaders with gospel centered competencies to meet the needs of a changing world.  The high school classroom is filled with 9-12th graders and all the juniors and seniors were given the option to take the course for college credit also.  They simply had to fill out the application, mail an official transcript, register, and pay.  Their teacher, Crown adjunct professor, Rachel Zabaneh said, “This is a wonderful, ‘college in the school’, UC certified dual enrollment opportunity where students attending Alma Heights Christian Schools are given 3 college credits through Crown College for the work they are already doing in our classroom.

In addition to courses offered during the school year, summer classes are also available through Crown.  Last year the college opened up its summer classes to high school juniors and seniors.  Each summer around 5-8 classes are offered online for 5-7 weeks.  Each class is charged at the rate of $200/credit.

If you are interested in Dual Enrollment at Crown, please contact Director Emily Cano at [email protected] or visit for more information.

Written by Emily Cano

Emily is Crown's Director of Veterans and Director of PSEO/Dual Enrollment and she also serves in the military as a captain in the MN Army National Guard.