Personality: Quenton Marty, MBA Student

Personality: Quenton Marty, MBA Student

Initially, I had reservations about the fact that Crown was a Christian college trying to execute an MBA program.  But I found that the professors were experts on the subjects and the coursework reflected similar more established MBA programs such as the Carlson School and St. Thomas.  As I talked with peers, I realized that my experience at Crown was very solid and comparable to other programs.

“The MBA layered onto my work experience led to a 25% increase in compensation and an opportunity for senior leadership. The Crown program challenged me and I was forced to stretch myself professionally and personally.”

The MBA program was the key factor in the final decision for Dennis and Megan Doyle to hire me for the top leadership role in their non-profit, Hope for the City.  During the course of 2013 I will transition to the Executive Director role as Dennis and Megan plan to take steps back from day to day oversight.  The insight I gained in financial management was the most attractive piece of the MBA as I discussed my current position with Dennis and Megan.  My successful experience in fundraising was the reason Dennis and Megan approached me to work with them, but it was the MBA that gave them the confidence that I was qualified to lead the organization.

I greatly enjoyed the collaboration with my fellow classmates.  We had many phone calls and email exchanges to discuss certain assignments and projects.  Many of us were in similar life situations and it was a rich experience to learn from each other and talk about future endeavors. 

At this point in life I would never have been able to complete a traditional program due to the schedule of work and family.  The online program allowed me to carve out times that worked in my life to study.  I coach sports year round and with four kids it becomes a bit of a circus.  I was able to spend early mornings and late evenings at coffee shops reading and completing assignments.

The online program also allowed me to continue my work at full strength, which included international travel.  I completed one Statistics homework assignment at a small hotel in Uganda, Africa.  In the evenings there was no electricity so I had a headlamp and my laptop as I sat on the bed under a mosquito net doing standard deviations–unforgettable!  This was only possible due to the online experience.

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