Ready for a Master’s Degree? Crown College Provides 7 Distinct Benefits

Ready for a Master’s Degree? Crown College Provides 7 Distinct Benefits

Have you thought about earning a Master’s degree?

At Crown College, the online coursework fits into the busy schedule of working adults. And, while you take classes to earn an MBA (Master of Business Administration), a Master of Organizational Leadership, or one of dozens of Master’s degrees available, you also benefit from the flexibility of the online program and the exceptional education. Here are six distinct reasons to consider Crown Online compared to competing programs.

Flexibility of the program

At Crown you are able to customize your degree program to fit your needs. Each degree program includes electives for an emphasis or concentration, which allows you to pick and choose courses that would be most helpful for your vocational interests.

Complete classes from anywhere

Online classes are available from anywhere, at all times of the day. Are you a night owl or early riser? You can work on the homework assignments on your own schedule. Live in the Caribbean, or maybe Taiwan? No need to travel to campus…ever (for most degrees). Classes take place in a vibrant online classroom setting, many with video, audio, and interactivity.

Area of emphasis

Some online colleges offer a few extra options for their majors, but Crown is different. A Master’s program can be customized to your career path. For example, some of the areas of emphasis include biblical studies, church development, community development, disaster and emergency management, executive leadership, intercultural ministries, non-profit leadership, pastoral counseling, and spiritual formation. This gives you the freedom of academic choice.

Low cost compared to competing programs

The Twin Cities Business Journal identified Crown as one of the lowest cost options for an MBA in the Twin Cities metro area. Tuition is affordable for all Master’s degree programs, and of course financial aid, grants, and scholarships are available to students online just as they are to the on-campus students. Program-affordability matched with excellence is the key.

Assignments are relevant to your current work

Crown professors are strategic about the class assignments, knowing this is an education that will help you in a career. Most classes use assignments that can be applied to your life and work contexts. Some examples of this include performing a communication audit, developing a strategic plan, working on a socio-cultural ministry study and plan, being part of a spiritual formation discipleship program, and improving your counseling skills.

Distinct Christian focus

Crown Online is not just “Christian” in name. All professors highlight the importance of Christian faith in the coursework, impacting everything you will learn. With that biblical perspective being such an integral part of the education, you will know the training is relevant, applicable, and built on trust and integrity unlike other online college programs.

Ties to the Christian & Missionary Alliance

Crown is unique for a Minnesota college in that it is part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. That means the mission is complimentary, preparing leaders who will serve in the United States and far beyond. Many students earn a degree from Crown College Online from remote place on the mission field, serving with the Alliance in places like Singapore or Japan.

Written by John Brandon