Thank God for Spring

Thank God for Spring

Welcome to spring – at least I hope there are signs of spring coming where ever you are. It is always exciting to witness the change of seasons, particularly from winter to spring.

Spring reminds us of new life in a variety of ways. The greening of grass, the budding of leaves on trees, the opening of spring flowers, and the welcome thaw of snow signals that new life is upon us. But, this is not the only sign of new life in the spring.

The Bible records the life of one amazing person – Jesus Christ. During his short life on earth, he preached with transforming authority, restored life to the dead, multiplied fish and loaves to feed thousands, quieted turbulent waters with a word, and healed many physical deformities and illnesses. He demonstrated unparalleled power matched with gentle humility. No one was ever like this – bringing joy, hope, truth, and love to the masses. Then…

He died.

The hope that was surging around Christ ended when he suffocated on a criminal’s cross outside Jerusalem one ordinary spring day. His disciples scattered and denied Him. Jesus’ message of hope seemed like a cruel joke on a longing world. The story that was to be an anthem of hope turned out to really be a tragedy one Friday afternoon. Then…

He rose.

The story of hope was renewed like flowers in spring when Jesus walked out of the damp tomb. New life was reborn. In the language of spring, the grass was again greening.

What season of life are you in these days? Does it feel like endless winter to you or are you experiencing the refreshment of spring?

Being a student adds complexity to life. Days of either the “agony of defeat” or the “thrill of victory” are just around the corner. Some days are void of hope. I spoke with a student recently who declared her helplessness in the midst of mounds of responsibilities and tasks. Hope was smothered under the weight of life.

The good news of the Gospel of Christ is that He came back to life and therefore knows all about offering new life to people. He stated His mission clearly, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10). This life Jesus offers is more than just everlasting life; it is a different quality of life. His promise of life is grounded in His own resurrection. The One who conquers death knows how to give life to the fullest. The empty tomb forever stands as a reminder of hope in the midst of life’s storms. Jesus extends a spring-like life of joy, hope, and peace.

During this spring, as winter gives way to warmer weather and green landscapes, may you embrace Jesus, the Life Giver. As you peek out over the pile of books for your studies, may your soul find hope and life in Christ. Why not welcome Him into your home, your studies, your pain, your day with a quiet prayer? May you know the life-restoring presence of Christ in all your journeys, including your academic one with us at Crown College.

Thank God for spring!

Written by Bill Kuhn

Rev. Bill Kuhn, Ed.D., is the chaplain at Crown College, where he organizes and leads several campus ministries and activities. He has 14 years of pastoral experience and speaks to various campuses, churches and groups across the nation each year.