Waconia-West Carver Rotary Provides Initial Seed Monies for New Veterans Scholarship

With Crown College’s enrollment of more than 70 service members over the past three years, the need for additional financial aid has grown proportionally. Since less than half of these men and women receive any VA education benefits and are often training for new careers, a need has developed for financial resources to help with the costs of education.

Emily Cano, the school’s Director of Veterans spends considerable time researching various options for each student including military education benefits, scholarships, grants, etc. Currently, Crown is only able to offer a small scholarship to veterans who qualify, but it is minimal for those who have no access to financial aid resources or military assistance.

Because of this, Crown has created the new Crown Military Endowed Scholarship to raise funds and assist those who have less than 60% of their tuition paid through VA education benefits or tuition assistance.

An initial funding goal of $25,000 is being pursued for the endowed scholarship which will then generate interest earnings that can be awarded to a Crown student(s) who meets the criteria for academics, financial need, honorable military service, and leadership. The Waconia-West Carver Rotary ( has provided an initial donation to start the fund.  The school will continue to seek additional funding until the goal is reached or exceeded.

Director of Veterans Cano spoke at a Rotary meeting in January, sharing the dilemma faced by veterans across the country and specifically at Crown, the only college in Carver County. The rotary responded generously with a check to support these men and women in their educational pursuits.

“We are so thankful for this organization, and others to follow, who recognize the need for supporting those who have sacrificed for our country.  A need exists and we’re going to do whatever we can to help fill that,” stated Cano.

Written by Crown Online

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